We learn on an electric wheel. The classes last 3 hours and are given in a cycle of 10.

They are given to beginners as well as advanced and everybody progresses at their own rythm.

There are no imposed themes, the classes are adapted to the needs and wishes of the students.

The pots are glazed at the end of a 10 class cycle and the student will then be able to take their work home.


Working at the wheel is done in several stages :


First we have to wedge the clay in a certain way to get all the air out.

Then the clay needs to centered on the wheel. Centering the clay is a stage that requires a lot of concentration but is very crucial.

When the lump of clay is centered, we can start shaping it.

The pot is then left to dry for a few hours, generally overnight depending on the degree of humidity in the air.

When the piece is leather hard, it can then be trimmed, for example to give it a foot .

It is also at this stage that different elements can be assembled, like the handle and the spout of a teapot.

The piece is then left to dry slowly for several days before firing it a first time to 950° (biscuit firing)

The pieces are then glazed and fired a second time (glaze firing) at a higher temperature to become vitrified and waterproof.

The temperature to be reached depends on the clay, the glaze and the desired effect. ( in general, from 1220° to 1280°)



We will work with different techniques like handcoiling or pinching.



. 350 euros for a 10 class cycle (wheel)

. 350 euros for a 10 class cycle (hand building)




Tuesday morning-   10.00 AM till    1.00 PM

Thursday morning-  10.00 AM till    1.00 PM

Friday morning-       10.00 AM till    1.00 PM

Next 10 classes cycle :






The studio also gives pottery classes for a full day, in general one Sundays per month.

If you have never worked with clay and you would like a trial before starting with a 10 class cycle, this pottery day is perfect to get a taste for it all .

Or maybe you already know how to throw but would love to spend the whole day sitting at the wheel without being bothered by a restricted schedule.


Classes start at 10.30 AM and finish at 4.30 PM

For lunch, participants bring a little dish to share with everyone.

You also need to bring an apron and a towel.




85 euros for the day.

This price includes the two firings, the clay and the glazes (up to one kilo of fired pots)

A fee will be asked (10 euros/kilo) if it is over that amount .

(A kilo of fired pots represents more or less 3 or 4 mugs ..)


To book a class, you have to contact me first (by email) to see if a place is available and then, transfer 85 euros on the studio's bank account :

Belfius BE50068892079018



If for a reason or another, you want to cancel an already booked and payed for class, I accept cancellation up to 2 weeks in advance and we can arrange another date for you to come.

No cancellation will be accepted less than 2 weeks in advance.


next pottery sundays :






You can come to the studio for a two hours session to make a handbuilt piece.

When ?

Please, contact me for a suitable time



50 euros, clay and firing included ( for 2 average size pieces) for a 2 hours session.






The studio organizes full-day  workshops during the school holidays to learn how to throw on the wheel.

They are for beginners as well as advanced students .

During the workshop, we work on the wheel and then we decide together a later day for glazing.

The classes start at 10 AM and finish around 4.30 PM 




. 360 euros for a 4 full-day course .

 Clay and firing costs included. (up to 4 kilos of fired pieces)


When ?