Pottery studio




The pottery studio 'Atelier Nikisan' in Wezembeek-Oppem (acces map) is offering pottery classes for adults. All levels are welcome !

Véronique Bogaert, a professional potter, is head of the studio and is leading the classes.

She will share with you her 17 years of experience as a potter in Japan.


The pottery classes are mainly centered around the potter's wheel but other techniques are also being taught depending on the student's interest ( handbuilding, coiling, pinching ...)

Working at the wheel requires deep concentration which is why the classes are being offered to adults, nevertheless they are open to all.


The studio is a place with a convivial atmosphere where people can meet and share.

A place to be creative while playing with clay, a return to nature ...

Under our fingers, the clay takes shape .. From a single lump of clay, in symbiosis with all the elements : earth, water, fire, air but also with our feeling, our imagination and our creativity, an object is being created ...

This process, mastered from start to finish, is a source of eternal wonder.


In parallel with the pottery classes, the studio also offers the possibility to come and decorate pots that are thrown on the wheel, for example mugs, plates or bowls ..

It's a great activity to do with kids or friends. You can let your imagination run wild with a few brushes and colors to create a unique and original piece.